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We offer all our clients access to individually tailored web solutions.

From simple site design to full functioning web tracking systems we ensure that Internet based systems integrate fully with your operation model and business functionality.

No matter how competitive your products pricing strategy we understand that sometimes your potential customers just do not have access to funds.

We can tailor lending sources to ensure that your customer has hassle free access to funds to buy your products.

We understand that the efficiency of each and every one of your team members has a direct effect on the overall performance of your business.

We can train individuals or teams to meet your specified performance standards and can offer post training and ongoing competency monitoring.

Successful businesses need additional team members.

We can find the the right person to fill your organisations skill gaps, we take care of everything except the final decision to hire. All you have to do is choose from the final shortlist of candidates

We have access to a large number of experts with an even larger number of skills.

We take on projects which last from a couple of hours to a couple of years. Whatever you need we will look at a realistic solution.

Sometimes an organisation has a need to buy items outside their own area of expertise.

We offer a specialist purchasing service to locate almost anything from almost anywhere.

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Visually appealing and functional

single instance and ongoing

product purchase funding streams

the right person for a specific role

almost anything from almost anywhere

short term or long term and outcome specific

Tim Carrington, Business Analyst

“ For any organisation to succeed each and every element must work in the same way, with a common definable objective, using coordinated and carefully designed business tools”

Impex Business Solutions offer innovative business solutions across a wide range of industries.

Some of our clients use our individual services to compliment their existing skill base or to “gap fill” where there is a skill shortage. It avoids taking on staff on a permanent basis for a temporary project.

Our main skill is in web design and information technology. We can undertake projects of any size whether it be a one off visually appealing web site or a fully functional information dependant web network.


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